Hi. I'm Solomon. I'm 14 years old.

I want to empower kids to take action. Instead of focusing on what you CAN'T do, focus on what you CAN do.
Here's my process that I want to share:

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Step 1:

Find Your Passion

Start where your heart leads you. What are activities or organizations that you want to get involved with?

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Step 2:

Get Organized

Figure out a plan to achieve your goal. Write it down so you know the steps you need to take.

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Step 3:

Go Make an Impact!

Don't just dream! Make it happen! Implement your plan will help you become the person you want to be!

Are you ready to take 50,000 steps in one day?

What about 100,000 steps in one day?

You may have heard about Fitbit’s 50K Step Challenge. I recently contacted Fitbit to find out who was the youngest person to complete this challenge. They replied saying that 10K steps was already a lot for a child.

So I decided to rise to the challenge - and at the same time - do it for a good cause. My original goal was to raise $500 for a charity that helps kids diagnosed with illnesses. Watch the video of my story, Solomon's Step Challenge!

Results of Solomon's step challenge

Completed on May 9, 2021

Walked 100K Steps

I walked 100,000 steps in 1 day

Raised over $2K

For charity for kids

Earned Fitbit Badge

Got Olympian Sandal badge

Walked 67.64 km

Diistance I walked is 67.64 km

Calories Burned

I burned 5,828 calories in 1 day

Took 22 hours

The challenge took 22 hours!

Here's the motivation behind Solomon's Step Challenge!

...in case you are wondering!...

About My Passion

I have a passion for wanting to prove that kids can do it - even when adults do not believe it is possible. I hope I will inspire others kids to take action.

The Pandemic

I started thinking about what I can do during COVID-19 to make a difference in my community. I wanted to focus on doing something positive.


I created this website to help kids like me who are looking for inspiration. I thought that launching this website might be a good place to start.

Fitbit Challenge

I noticed the Fitbit Step Challenge, and I wanted to show that kids can do it - so I selected this as my kick-off project!

It's About Learning

I might not make this challenge and that’s okay! I will try not to be discouraged by setbacks and push through the disappointment to ultimately do it.


I'm writing down what I have done to prepare. I hope what I learn will help me do better in the future, and help others who can learn from my mistakes.

Help a Charity

I am walking to raise money for Chai Lifeline - to help kids who are born or diagnosed with a serious illness get help. I want to do this for a charity to give back and have impact.


I want to bring the community together during COVID-19. I am walking around the neighborhood. If you see me, wave hello. It is a time for the community to come together.

Saying Thanks

I am walking on Mothers Day as a thank you to parents for believing in their children, even when other adults do not. I'm also honoring my grandfather on his birthday!

Thank you to my corporate sponsors

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Why I Started this Website

To prove that kids can do whatever they set their minds to. Even if some adults tell you you can’t, you CAN!

Kids are extremely creative.

Kids are resilient and don't easily give up.

Kids are determined!